Use Vinegar For These 15 Home Hacks, Watch What Happens


Vinegar is the most versatile household ingredient thorough cleaning to other useful stuff due to its antiseptic, refreshing effect. It is cheap and environmental friendly, so it is worth a try. However, there are some tasks for which it is not suitable. Get some inspiration from these household tricks and beauty practices!

DIY Mosquito killer

Source: Unsplash

Are you fed up with mosquitos flying around the house as they own it? Pour approximately 4 spoons of vinegar (apple cider is the best) in a small jar and add some liquid dish soap to the mosquito cocktail. Place the jar in the room where you have the most of these bastards. The sweetness of apple cider vinegar will attract them to the jar, and the dish soap will make it impossible for them to escape, so they will be trapped in the jar. It’s not the most humane way but it’s effective. And think about the silent, calm evenings you will have!