Environmental Myths To Get Rid of


“It is very cold today, climate change is a hoax!” Or “is it enough to just plant trees and solve the problem?” There are many myths about the global climate crisis of our time, its causes, and solutions. As tempting as these myths are, it is worth taking the time and energy to understand climate change – and to come up with real solutions. The first step to do this is to disprove these myths.

Buying Local Food Helps the Environment

Source: Canva

How can organic farms do more harm to the environment than mass production? Well, they don’t yet. However, in 2018 there was an Earth Day presentation at Washington University. The speaker said that we should support small organic farmers by transforming the food system. But research showed that the re-localization of farmlands would use way more water, fertilizer, and pesticides (if even only organic ones).

People try to eat and shop locally because they believe shortening the distance that the food travels to their plates will help the environment by reducing fuel used for shipping. But shipping is the most environmentally-friendly way of travel, trucks going to markets with food are way more harmful. And farm operations would be responsible for a far greater total energy use.