Ecotravel: Places to Visit and Things to Consider


During the summer, it’s a little harder to keep our environmentally conscious resolutions. It’s easier for us to run into lemonades with straws, soft drinks in PET bottles, not to mention sitting in a car or plane to travel to a coastal country. And we tend to produce much more waste during vacation… Yet a green vacation is not impossible. These eco-friendly places are mainly using renewable energy, and offer opportunities for visitors to learn about natural resources and even to volunteer.

Things to consider when you ecotravel

Source: Canva

When planning an eco-friendly trip or longer vacation, there are some things you have to take into account:

  • Choose a sustainable form of transportation – not only to get there and back home but to travel nearby while you’re visiting. Use carsharing or bikes.
  • Pack lightly to be more flexible regarding traveling, 
  • Carrying around a reusable water bottle and cutlery, 
  • Shop locally to minimize your carbon footprint,
  • Use reusable packing cubes to organize your carry-ons, and separate wet and dirty clothes from clean ones, so you don’t have to wash everything,
  • Visit hidden gems instead of popular tourist destinations to reduce traffic and feel the country breathing so you will respect it more.

Let’s see the top eco-friendly destinations!