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How to Save the Earth

Ingenious DIY Hacks To Save The Environment

If you have just started to make your home more environmentally friendly, we recommend you not to go mental on this. These simple, affordable...

Does your phone pollute more than your car?

We live a busy life. Thus we tend to prefer convenient options which are usually harmful to the environment. It is no different regarding...

How do Your Favourite Things Ruin Earth for All of Us?

Good marketing sometimes makes us forget to think through how our favorite items and goods are produced and what is the attitude of the...

Ecotravel: Places to Visit and Things to Consider

During the summer, it’s a little harder to keep our environmentally conscious resolutions. It's easier for us to run into lemonades with straws, soft...

Environmental Myths To Get Rid of

"It is very cold today, climate change is a hoax!" Or "is it enough to just plant trees and solve the problem?" There are...