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How to Save the Earth

25 Ways to Save Water and Save the Planet

However, summer has ended which means the end of the most barbeque parties and laying by the pool, there are still many reasons to...

Is GMO actually good or bad?

GMO fruits, vegetables, and different kinds of wheat have the potential to make agriculture more sustainable while improving the nutritional content of foods. However,...

Does your phone pollute more than your car?

We live a busy life. Thus we tend to prefer convenient options which are usually harmful to the environment. It is no different regarding...

Eating avocados and quinoa – The impact of veganism

Superfoods such as avocado and quinoa has become increasingly popular in recent times along with the vegan lifestyle. Vegans try to make a positive...

Environmental Myths To Get Rid of

"It is very cold today, climate change is a hoax!" Or "is it enough to just plant trees and solve the problem?" There are...