15 Foods You Can Grow from Kitchen Scraps


Vegetables and fruits are playing an essential role in a healthy diet. But have you ever thought about how to make the most out of them instead of buying a new portion in the store? Actually, you can re-grow a lot of them in your own home without any harmful pesticides or special treatment. Let’s see 15 plants you will never have to buy a new one with these tips. You can not only save some money but also reduce the amount of food waste that you generate in your home. 


Source: Canva

Potatoes are one of our most basic foods, we can make millions of delicious dishes out of them. Did you ever see a potato that had a little tuber on them? Those can be replanted to grow a new potato plant. How? Dry the potato scraps out for a night and then plant them in the soil like plant seed potatoes.