15 Foods Made In China You’d Be Better Off Skipping


China is the largest food distributor in the world. The country serves the high demand for different kinds of meat, dairy products, and also soybean, corn, and palm oil. From time to time food scandals show up in connection with China’s different regulations considering agriculture and we often hear about risky fish markets. Here is a top 10 list of which food should you avoid eating coming from the Far East.

1. Codfish and tilapia

Source: AdPlexity

According to the news, codfish was mislabeled many times by Chinese fish farmers for fish that look alike.

North America imports approximately 80% of the tilapia intake from China, and also 50% of the codfish is coming from the country. These fish are full of GMOs. Center for Food Safety stated that half of the tilapia were fed with feces from other animals. So maybe there’s a functional reason for giving them dozens of antibiotics, but it certainly doesn’t convince us.